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Outdoor Rabbit Guineas Pig Run Play Pen Enclosure Galvanised

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This run is ideal for providing a safe protected space for outdoor grazing. The run can be accessed from the side and top which is handy when cleaning. It is suitable for both rabbits and guinea pigs and all timber is treated with a waterproof agent. This large rabbit run can be easily combined with the Pet/Hutch.03 pet hutch (sold separately) to provide your small animal with a larger protected outdoor space.


  • Waterproofing treatment on wood
  • Able to open from the side and top for easy access
  • Open bottom ideal for grazing
  • Portable, can easily be moved
  • Strong galvanised mesh
  • Secure latches
  • Treated with a pest resistant treatment

Please Note: Connect this Pet/Run.02 run to the Pet/Hutch.03 hutch (sold separately) for the best run and play house combination.

Please Note: We have a cover available for this enclosed run (Petruncover02).


  • Chinese fir wood
  • Galvanised mesh


L180 x W90 x H48cm




Some easy self-assembly required

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